Saturday, October 3, 2009

A health reform subsidy calculator is now available.

The Kaiser Foundation has posted a calculator that can show you the premiums and government assistance that would be provided people under age 65 who purchase coverage on their own through an Exchange or Gateway created under the four major health reform plans. Here are the results for a family of four with family income of $40,000 per year in a medium cost area. The first number is the premium you would pay and the second is the amount of the government subsidy.

House Ways and Means/Education and Labor Committee: $1,702/$11,409

House Energy and Commerce Committee: $1,828/$11,283

Senate HELP Committee: $978/$18,315

Senate Finance (Baucus) Committee: $2,428/$10,683

Go to and you can plug in different scenarios varying income, age, single/family, etc. Try it out.

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