Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are Democrats running for the hills. Don't believe it.

If you listen to the No/Nothing Fox channel and other No/Nothing outlets, you would think that the entire Democratic party is in such dread of the 2010 elections that no one wants to run as a Democrat. After all, all you hear are stories of the Democratic Senators and Congressman who have decided not to seek reelection. So what is the truth?

Currently there are 58 Democrats + 2 Independents and 40 No/Nothing Repubs in the Senate.

In the House, there are 256 Democratic Congressman and 178 No/Nothing Repubs.

14 House Republicans are not seeking reelection

10 House Democrats are not seeking reelection

6 Senate No/Nothing Repubs are not seeking reelection

4 Senate Democrats are not seeking reelection.

Lets do the math.


Demos & Independents: 4/60 = 6.7% Not seeking reelection

Repubs: 6/40 = 15% Not seeking reelection



Demos: 10/256 = 3.9% not seeking reelection.

Repubs: 14/178 = 7.9% not seeking reelection.


You got it. Looks like the No/Nothing Repubs are the ones who are running for the hills, not the Democrats. Of course, you won't hear that on No/Nothing Fox News or on most of the other news media for that matter. I wonder why? Could it be Fox News lies?

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