Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What do Americans really want congress to do about health reform? Pass it, that’s what and pass it now.

A new Kaiser poll is out examining what Americans really think about health reform. No/Nothing Repubs say the county wants congrees to quit and start over and do something simpler or nothing at all this year. WRONG! Here’s is what Americans really want congress to do according to this new Kaiser poll.

76% want congress to reform the way health insurance works—now.

72% want congress to provide tax credits to small businesses for health insurance.

71% want congress to create health insurance exchanges/marketplaces.

71% want congress to close the Medicare “doughnut hole.”

70% want congress to expand high risk pools.

68% want congress to provide help for low/middle income people to buy insurance.

56% want congress to expand Medicare eligibility.

In other words, a clear majority want exactly the reforms in the Obama/Democratic plans.

52% say congress should get something passed now. Only 19% want congress to scrap the current bills like Repubs propose and stop working on health care.

38% say they will be Disappointed if congress stops working on health care reform.

20% say they will be ANGRY if congress stops working on health care reform.

Note to you 58% who will be Disappointed or Angry if congress stops working on health care reform. If there is no health reform soon, you can blame the No/Nothing Republicans in November. Vote them out of office so they have plenty of time to sip their tea and their tea bag rallies.

To read the Kaiser poll, go here:


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