Monday, April 26, 2010

New poll numbers show Tea Party members are out of touch with mainstreet America

You hear a lot about the Tea Party nuts and that they represent main street America. Not true. Let’s look at the numbers. Turns out Americans are are lot more progressive than most people think and that Tea Party conservatives are the ones out of touch with mainstreet.

62% of Americans think the income tax that they paid in 2010 was fair vs 52% of TPs

76% of Americans say they think Social Security and Medicare are well worth the costs to taxpayers for those programs vs 62% of Tps

58% of Americans think the Roe vs. Wade decision was good vs only 40% of TPs

54% of Americans think it is a GOOD idea to raise taxes on households with income over $250,000 per year to help provide health insurance for the uninsured vs just 17% of TPs.

58% of Americans think Obama understands their needs and problems vs just 24% of TPs.

38% of Americans think providing government benefits to poor people encourages them to remain poor vs 73% of TPs

45% of Americans oppose the health insurance mandate vs 85% of TPs

63% of Americans think gay couples should be allowed to legally marry or form civil unions vs 40% of TPs who think gay couples should have no legal recognition.

Read the results of the poll here:

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