Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’s all about turnout

The outcome of the mid-term elections and Democratic control over the House and Senate may hinge on one thing—turnout.  Forget the economy, forget jobs, forget immigration, forget Afghanistan; it’s going to all come down to turnout.  The party that’s gets the largest percentage of its supporters to the polls will win.  Right now, that party appears to be the Republican Party.  Pew Research reports a significant enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans.  56% of Republican voters say they are enthusiastic about voting this year, only 42% of Democratic voters say they are.   Worse, younger voters who helped Obama be elected are much less inclined to vote this year.  Only half say they are certain to vote.  Compare that to people over 50 who heavily vote Republican.  80% of over-50 voters say they are certain to vote.  Bottom-line.  Our success in the upcoming elections will depend upon our ability to get Democrats to the polls. 

For more on this go to http://pewresearch.org/

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