Thursday, August 12, 2010

Join the fight

As Democrats, we must recognize that we are at war with greed, with prejudice, with hatred, and most of all with the fear of change.  Our adversaries are those Republicans and Tea Party supporters who seek to appeal to the worst instincts of the average American voter in order to achieve political power and personal gain.   Our adversaies are Republicans and Tea Party members who look with nostalga on the meanest period of our history and who seek not just to prevent progressives from achieving further social justice for all Americans but to undo all that we have achieved over the last 100 hundred years.  Our adversaries are those who would take out country back to the days when a lucky few wrapped themselves in untold riches while the masses lived a life of bare subsistance.

Our adversaries are Republicans who….

  • Think Social Security is a “ponzi scheme.”
  • Think Medicare is “socialism.”
  • Propose cutting unemployment benefits.
  • Believe that U.S. senators should not be in the business of creating jobs.
  • Say Americans should use “Second Amendment” remedies to protect themselves from their government.
  • Oppose abortion, sometimes even in the case of rape of incest.
  • Want to privatize social security.
  • Want to weaken or eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Education.
  • Oppose environmental regulations.
  • Want to limit BP’s liability for the Gulf oil disaster.
  • Don’t think we should “beat up” on BP for the oil spill.
  • Say they are “glad there is global warming.”
  • Support drilling for oil in Lake Michigan.
  • Want to repeal health care reform.
  • Think the derivative industry has done a lot of good.
  • Want to “wean Americans off” student loans.
  • Opposed protecting adults with pre-existing conditions from insurance company abuse.

To see which Republican said what, visit:

We must not allow these reactionaries to secure office.

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