Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Republicans once again prove they are anti-jobs.

Make no mistake about it, Republicans are anti-jobs.  Once again, they have voted almost as a block against a reasonable bill designed to preserve jobs.  Democrats finally, after weeks of trying, were able today to pass a $26 billion bill that will save the jobs of teachers and other public workers.  Dems could have done much more but had to water down the bill to get the votes of two Republicans -- Maine Sens. Olympia J. Snowe and Susan Collins—to break a filibuster by the No/Nothing Repubs.   American voters need to wake up and smell the foul odor Republicans are giving off.  It’s the stink of unemployment.  Go ahead.  Elect Repubs in November.  Then, watch your job take a hike.  Put Repubs in power and they’ll take us back to the Great Depression days but this time it may be a lot worse.  Dems have been able to push unemployment below 10% and could have pushed it even lower with a bigger initial stimulus or a second stimulus.  There is only one reason why unemployment is not at 8% and falling—the Repubs. They have blocked or tried to block every effort Dems have made to save and create jobs in the cynical belief that if they can keep unemployment high they can take over the Senate or House in November or maybe both so they can do some real damage to the economy like Bush did.   It’s time to kick the Repubs, particularly the Senate Repubs, out-all the way out. Liberals and Progressives, you may not be totally pleased with Obama but it you don't rally to the Democratic cause this fall, you'll live your greatest nightmare--Repubs back in power doing their same old dirty work.  Campaign dam'it.  Vote dam'it.

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