Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top bogus emails and urban myths for 2010

You’ve probably received at least one of these emails that warn of all kinds of things the Obama administration or the Democrats have done or are planning to do.  Well, let’s set the record straight. says:

  • It’s not true that the White House is planning to tax all credit card transactions.
  • Muslims are not being exempted from the new health care law.
  • President Obama did not order up a private jet for the family’s pet dog, Bo.
  • Speaker Pelosi’s spending for liquor on congressional trips isn’t notably different than that of her predecessor. And Pelosi herself doesn’t even drink alcohol.
  • The new health care law does not contain a 3.8 percent "sales tax" on the sale of all personal residences.
  • Obama did not cancel the National Day of Prayer nor did he participate in a Muslim prayer event at the Capitol. 

Read the truth about the what calls “this year’s most virulent and pestilential inbox-busters.” here:

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