Monday, February 21, 2011

An inconvenient truth about American voters

One of the most infuriating things for progressives is the inconsistency of the American voter.  In general, Americans want their government to take action to make their lives better, just what progressives try to do.  On the other hand, Americans do not want government involved in their lives, although government involvement in other people’s lives isn’t such a problem.  Americans want government to provide benefits and services like Social Security and Medicare, but Americans do not want to pay taxes to fund those benefits and services.  As I said, this inconvenient truth is always a problem for progressives.  However, it works both ways.  Whenever Republicans campaign on the promise of smaller government, lower taxes, reducing the deficit, “getting the government out of your life,” and so on, American voters respond.  They respond, that is until Republicans actually take them seriously and starting cutting government programs.  Then, the Republicans get their own taste of the inconvenient truth.  There is a good chance that is about to happen.  Think 2012.

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