Monday, May 2, 2011

A gutsy call

Many, many things could have gone wrong.  The intelligence could have been bad.  Osama bi Laden could have gotten prior warning and disappeared.  The helicopter that had engine trouble could have crashed setting up a disaster similar to the one in 1980 when Carter tried to rescue the hostages in Iran.  Thousands of things had to go right.  The entire mission could have been a disaster if any single little thing went wrong.  Obama had to know that.  He could have taken the easy way out and dropped a bomb.  Instead, he put his faith in the Navy Seals and their commanders.  Obama, the poker player, weighed the odds and bet in a high stakes game.  He may have just saved his presidency.  When it comes to being Commander in Chief, no one will ever again be able to argue that Obama doesn’t have the right stuff.  We knew Obama was smart.  Now we know he also has guts.  Congratulations Mr. President and you Navy Seals on a job well done.

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