Friday, June 24, 2011

Americans think they are WORSE off under Obama than Bush

A new Bloomberg poll contains bad news for Obama and the Democrats. 

By a 44 percent to 34 percent margin, Americans say they believe they are worse off than when President Barack Obama took office in early 2009, when the U.S. was in the depths of a recession compounded by the September 2008 financial crisis and the economy was losing as many as 820,000 jobs a month.

The gloom covers the immediate future, with fewer than 1 in 10 people expecting unemployment to return to pre-recession levels within the next two years, and it extends to the next generation. More than half of respondents say their children are destined to have a lower standard of living than they do, upending a traditional touchstone of the American Dream.

More bad news.  The poll found that the Republican message about tax and spending cuts, which almost all economists say is the wrong thing to do to create jobs, is gaining traction with American voters. 

As the public grasps for solutions, the Republican Party is breaking through in the message war on the budget and economy. A majority of Americans say job growth would best be revived with prescriptions favored by the party: cuts in government spending and taxes, the Bloomberg Poll shows. Even 40 percent of Democrats share that view.

Little wonder.  It is the ONLY message most Americans are hearing.  Republicans continue to preach their poison while Democrats largely sit silent. Could these poll numbers put additional pressure on Obama to cave on the issue of tax increases/cuts in tax expenditures in the budget talks?  We'll see.

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