Friday, June 24, 2011

Manager of largest mutual fund says Republicans wrong about job creation

William H. Gross manages the PIMCO Total Return Fund, the world’s largest mutual fund.  In a recent article, he argues that immediate deficit reduction through spending cuts as the Republicans propose will harm the economy, that we need more stimulus and that the government must take a leading role in job creation to the point of the government becoming the employer of last resort if necessary.  This is exactly what progressives have been saying and runs counter to everything the Republicans have been saying about the economy and job growth.  Gross writes:

Both parties… are moving to anti-Keynesian policy orientations, which deny additional stimulus and make rather awkward and unsubstantiated claims that if you balance the budget, “they will come.” It is envisioned that corporations or investors will somehow overnight be attracted to the revived competitiveness of the U.S. labor market: Politicians feel that fiscal conservatism equates to job growth. It’s difficult to believe, however, that an American-based corporation, with profits as its primary focus, can somehow be wooed back to American soil with a feeble and historically unjustified assurance that Social Security will be now secure or that medical care inflation will disinflateAdmittedly, those are long-term requirements for a stable and healthy economy, but fiscal balance alone will not likely produce 20 million jobs over the next decade. The move towards it, in fact, if implemented too quickly, could stultify economic growth.

What then, shall we do? …[G]overnment must take a leading role in job creation. Conservative or even liberal agendas that cede responsibility for job creation to the private sector over the next few years are simply dazed or perhaps crazed. The private sector is the source of long-term job creation but in the short term, no rational observer can believe that global or even small businesses will invest here when the labor over there is so much cheaper. That is why trillions of dollars of corporate cash rest impotently on balance sheets awaiting global – non-U.S. – investment opportunities. Our labor force is too expensive and poorly educated for today’s marketplace.

In the end, I hearken back to revered economist Hyman Minsky – a modern-day economic godfather who predicted the subprime crisis. “Big Government,” he wrote, should become the “employer of last resort” in a crisis, offering a job to anyone who wants one – for health care, street cleaning, or slum renovation. FDR had a program for it – the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, and Barack Obama can do the same. Economist David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff sums up my feelings rather well. “I’d have a shovel in the hands of the long-term unemployed from 8am to noon, and from 1pm to 5pm I’d have them studying algebra, physics, and geometry.” Deficits are important, but their immediate reduction can wait for a stronger economy and lower unemployment. Jobs are today’s and tomorrow’s immediate problem.

Are you listening House Speaker John Boehner?  Are listening House Majority Leader Eric Cantor?  Are you listening House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan?  Are you listening Republicans?  No, you never listen.  You never learn.  What you are demanding that we do will harm the country severely and add to the suffering of working Americans.  Stop now!

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