Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nearly half of Georgia farmers report labor shortage

The Georgia Agribusiness Council has released the results of its survey of the damage that the Republican immigration (Hispanic hatred) law has done to agriculture in Georgia.

46% of Georgia farmers say they are experiencing a labor shortage at this time as a result of the Republican anti-immigration (hispanic hatred) law.

Of those who are experiencing a labor shortage,

23.9 % said that fewer workers are applying for the job(s) available.
8.7% said that local law enforcement has increased enforcement action towards immigrants.
30.4% said that the physical demand of the job is too difficult for those who seem interested.
36.9% said that immigrants are concerned with Georgia's new immigration reform law.
30% of those surveyed are worried they will not have the workers they need in the future.
24% surveyed have the workers needed for this year.

Because of this labor shortage, many crops will rot in the fields driving up the cost of food for everyone.

Aren’t Republicans great?  No, they are just stupid...terribly stupid.

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