Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pawlenty--Nothing new here

Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota and Republican president want-a-be has come forward with his plan to fix everything.  He proposes--are you ready for this--across-the-board federal spending reductions and large tax cuts for businesses and individuals.  Wow! Talk about new ideas.  Who would have thought that a Republican would propose cutting taxes and reducing the size of government?

News for you Tim.  Across-the-board cuts in spending, particularly when coupled with large tax cuts (or any for that matter) will NOT lead to rapid economic growth, will NOT create jobs, and, especially, will NOT reduce the federal debt.

Here is what you propose WILL do:

Large across-the-board cuts in federal spending WILL result in significant harm to the most vulnerable in our society--the elderly and the poor.

Large tax cuts WILL result in HIGHER, not lower deficits.

The already outrageous income inequality in this country will get MUCH WORSE.

Tim, if you are so dumb to believe that what you propose will work, you don't have the intelligence to be president.

If you know that what you propose will not work and you propose it anyway, you are a crook and liar who certainly doesn't deserve to be president.

Go back to the drawing boards, Tim, this dog won't hut.  In fact, this dog is as dead as Reagan.

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