Saturday, June 4, 2011

Want to CREATE jobs? Raise taxes

Here is a little bit of analysis from the Motley Fool.  If you compare the top marginal income tax rate to average unemployment and average GDP growth over time, HIGHER marginal tax rates tend to lead to LOWER unemployment (more jobs) and HIGHER AVERAGE GDP growth.  That’s just the opposite of what any Republican/Tea Party conservative would want you to believe.  Take a look at these numbers.

Time period     Avg Max tax     Avg Unemployment Rate   Avg GDP growth
1947-1950       83%             5.00%                   5.13%
1951-1963       91%             4.86%                   6.33%
1964-1981       71%             5.62%                   9.46%
1981-1986       50%             8.20%                   7.55%
1987-1992       31%             6.15%                   5.94%
1993-2003       39%             5.28%                   5.10%

So, if you really wanted to create jobs and grow the economy, what would you do?  You would INCREASE the top marginal tax rate NOT lower it as Republicans want to do.

How could that be?  Here is what the Motley Fool thinks:

As I thought about it more, it made more sense to me. If I own or run a business, I have a choice of taking the profits out of a business as income or reinvesting it in the business to grow it further. If the marginal tax rate is high, there is an incentive not to take the income and therefore an incentive to grow the business: to hire more people, to buy more equipment, etc

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