Thursday, July 28, 2011

UPDATE: Boehner still doesn’t have votes to pass his debt ceiling plan

The Hill is tracking the number of House Republicans who are likely to vote for Boehner’s debt ceiling/deficit reduction plan scheduled for a vote a 6PM tonight Eastern time.  Boehner needs 217 votes to pass his bill.  That means he cannot lose more than 23 Republican votes.  23 Republicans had stated as of this morning that they intended to vote NO. 

The Hill says as of 2PM, 29 Republicans were still undecided or had indicated they would vote NO.  That leaves Boehner still SHORT of the votes he needs unless he can get some Democrats to vote YES.  That is possible since five Democrats voted for the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill with ALL of the Republicans but not likely this time since no Democrat probably wants to be the one that got the Repub plan passed. 

It is going to be a close vote.

Here are the Republicans who have not yet agreed to vote YES according to the Hill count as of 2PM

1.    Stephen Fincher (Tenn.), 
2.    Tom Marino (Pa.),
3.    Trent Franks (Ariz.),
4.    Martha Roby (Ala.),
5.    Alan Nunnelee (Miss.),
6.    Steven Palazzo (Miss.),
7.    Scott Tipton (Colo.),
8.    Tim Scott (S.C.),
9.    Mike Turner (Ohio)
10. Mo Brooks (Ala.)
11. Robert Dold (Ill.)
12. Raúl Labrador (Idaho)
13. John Campbell (Calif.)
14. Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
15. Diane Black (Tenn.)
16. James Renacci (Ohio)
17. Bob Gibbs (Ohio)
18. Tim Griffin (Ark.)
19. Paul Gosar (Ariz.)
20. Timothy Johnson (Ill.)
21. Sean Duffy (Wis.)
22. Charles Boustany (La.)
23. Jean Schmidt (Ohio)
24. Mike Pompeo (Kan.)
25. Walter Jones (N.C.)
26. Roscoe Bartlett (Md.)
27. Tim Walberg (Mich.)
28. Scott Garrett (N.J.)
29. Randy Hultgren (Ill.)

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