Monday, August 29, 2011

Americans angry and frustrated with their government

Obama and both parties take a significant hit in a recently released Pew Research Center survey.  79% of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country and record 86% say they are frustrated or outright angry with the way the federal government is performing.

Only 34% of Americans say they have a favorable view of the Republican Party and just 22% approve of the job performance of Republican congressional leaders.

75% of Americans say Obama and Republican congressional leaders are not working together to get things done.  Republican leaders are blamed more than Obama (37% to 21%).  12% place the blame on both.

Less than half of Americans now see Obama as a strong leader (49%) but they still believe he is a good communicator (75%), stands up for what he believes in (71%), is warm and friendly (70%), is well informed (63%), cares about them (63%), and is trustworthy (59%).

Only a quarter of voters (26%) say they have a good or excellent impression of the possible GOP candidates.  When asked about nine potential GOP candidates, more than half of Americans who are familiar with the candidate say there is NO CHANCE they would vote for the candidate.  47% and 42% respectively say there is NO CHANCE they would vote for Romney or Perry.

The Tea Party is losing support.  43% of Americans now have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party up from 25% in February.

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