Monday, October 10, 2011

Job creation—Republican Style—Dwarf Tossing

In 1989, Florida outlawed the popular bar room pastime of “dwarf tossing” in which bars would have contests to see how far their patrons could throw a dwarf.  The record appears to be 11 feet 5 inches. (See: )

Critics of the pastime argued that it was dehumanizing in addition to being harmful to the dwarfs.  Since then, Florida bars that sponsored dwarf tossing events were subject to a $1,000 fine plus the threat of losing their liquor licenses.

Now, Republican Florida state representative Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne, has introduced a bill to once again make "dwarf tossing” legal.  Workman says he is just trying to expand the job opportunities of Florida dwarfs.

There is no word yet on whether Republicans will seek to make Dwarf Tossing legal in other states or nationwide.  Hopefully, Republican candidates will be given an opportunity to voice their opinion of this Republican job creation idea in their next debate.

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