Sunday, October 30, 2011

They just don’t get it

A couple of examples have surfaced recently showing just what some on Wall Street and others in the foreclosure business think of the plight of average Americans who have taken to the streets because they have lost their homes and fear they are losing any chance at a decent future.

Employees at one Wall Street firm apparently thought it would be a good idea to gather on the balcony and sip champagne while the masses protested on the streets below.  You can watch here:

And, it seems employees of a New York law firm that specializes in foreclosures thought it would be really funny to have a Halloween Party where everyone dressed up like a homeless person.  I’m serious.  See the pictures here:

What can I say?  They just don’t get it.  They need to get a lesson in a little history.  Bad things happen in societies when enough of the masses decide that they are being screwed by the few.  

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