Friday, November 11, 2011

Gingrich up, Cain down in two new polls

Two new polls have just been released on the Republican race.  Both polls show that Cain’s support has weakened significantly in the last few weeks while support for Gingrich has grown.  Romney retains his lead in one poll but suffers significant losses in the other.  Here is more on the two polls.

CBS News poll

A new CBS news poll has Herman Cain (18%), Mitt Romney (15%), and Newt Gingrich (15%) essentially tied for the lead in the Republican contest given the 5% margin of error.  All the other candidates are in single digits.  Anybody-But-The-Above is winning with 31% (“Someone Else” 14% and “Undecided/Don’t Know” 17%).  

Cain and Romney are scoring about where they were in early October when they were both at 17%.  Gingrich is the only candidate that has gained ground compared to early October.  He is up 7 points.  All the others have lost ground.  In the CBS poll, Cain has fallen 7 points since October and Romney 6 points.

It is important to keep in mind that the margin of error for Republican primary voters in this poll is 5%.  That means Cain’s actual support may be as high as 23% or as low as 15%.

Read the full results here:

Marist Poll

The Marist Poll has Mitt Romney in the lead with 23% followed by Gingrich at 19% and Cain at 17%.  Ron Paul gets 10% in the Marist Poll with all others in single digits.  Undecided is at 17%.  This poll included Independents who lean Republican and has a margin of error of 5.5%.

Read the full results here:

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