Saturday, November 19, 2011

Police pepper spray peaceful demonstrators

On Friday police on the U.C. Davis campus used pepper spray on a group of peaceful Occupy Davis demonstrators.  Campus officials and the police maintain that they used the pepper spray because they were surrounded by hostile students and were afraid for their lives.  The police officers maintained that the only way they could protect themselves was by using the pepper spray so they could secure their “escape.”  Video and pictures are available of the entire incident shot from different angles.  Watch the video below and examine the pictures.  What do you think?  Were the students threatening the police?  Do the police seem to be in danger? Was their action justified?  Is this the kind of thing that we should tolerate in our country?  What do videos and pictures of this kind of police action do to our image as a country that respects the right of all people to peacefully assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances?  Are we living in a police state?  You judge for yourself.  Then, take action.  Call your Congressman.  Call your Senator.  Call the White House.  Demand that Congress and the President take action to reaffirm the basic right of all Americans to engage in non-violent protest.

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