Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The REAL Republican problem in 2012

Jon Walker at Firedoglake has a post on a new Gallup poll finding that 90% of Americans think now is a really lousy time to try to find a good job.  That ties the highest percent saying the job market was lousy since the recession of 2008.

What’s most interesting about Walker’s post are his closing comments.  He wrote:

The only small silver lining to these horrendous job perception poll numbers is that it is almost mathematically impossible for the poll numbers to get much worse. If a generic Republican still isn’t beating Obama with perceptions about the economy being this horrible, it is hard to imagine how awful the economy would need to be for the GOP to be polling with a significant edge in the 2012 election.

It is amazing how damaged the GOP brand is right now. Their front runner candidates aren’t polling better than an incumbent president who, based on the current terrible state of the economy, should be heading for a massive loss.

Could it be that Republicans want “Anyone-but-Romney” and Americans in general want  “Anyone-but-a-Republican”?  Could Obama end up winning, not because American voters think he is such a good President but that they think anyone the Republicans seem to be able to offer would be so much worse.

Maybe the Obama slogan should be:  “Vote for Obama, Not great, but a lot better than the alternative.”

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