Friday, November 4, 2011

Republicans say Federal spending creates jobs

In what some are calling one of the biggest flip-flops in history, Republicans who for months have argued that the federal government spending does not and cannot create jobs now argue that federal spending is just the thing needed to create and/or save jobs.    Donna Cassata at the Associated Press reports:

The same Republicans who insist that federal spending doesn't create jobs and should be cut in the face of staggering deficits are leading the charge against smaller military budgets because about a million defense jobs would be lost.

Pentagon accounts are coming down, and Republicans who repeatedly reject the idea that an infusion of federal dollars can produce new jobs now say the government should keep billions flowing to the makers of guns, tanks, aircraft and ships for the sake of sparing jobs in home districts and states. It's the newest of several arguments against reducing Pentagon budgets.

Read Cassata’s article here:

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