Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Voters in Tea Party districts turn against Tea Party and Republicans

There is bad news for Republicans and members of the Tea Party caucus in the House in finding from a recent Pew Research survey.  They are losing support in heavily conservative Tea Party districts.

Pew Research recently surveyed voters in Tea Party districts-- those currently held by the 60 Republicans who identify themselves as members of The Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives.   Pew found that voter support for the Tea Party in these districts has declined significantly since 2010 and now is BELOW  the level of the nation as a whole—25% agree with the Tea Party in Tea Party districts compared with 27% in the general public.  Additionally, the Republican Party has lost significant support in these districts.  While more than half (51%) of voters in Tea Party districts viewed the Republican Party favorably in 2010, today nearly half (48%) have a NEGATIVE view of Republicans.  Support for the Democratic Party and Republican Party in Tea Party districts today are roughly the same—41% have a favorable view of Republicans, 39% have a favorable view of Democrats.

Loss of support from voters in these heavily conservative districts could spell trouble for Republicans in 2012.

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