Monday, December 12, 2011

Has Newt peaked in Iowa?

Another new poll shows Newt leading Romney in Iowa but may indicate that his lead over Romney is narrowing. 

A University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll shows Gingrich leading Romney by 29.8 percent to 20.3 percent, but with only 35 percent of likely caucus-goers indicating that they are "very satisfied" with their candidate choices.  The poll was conducted between November 30 and December 7, 2011.

While the Hawkeye poll shows Gingrich with a substantial lead, the results indicate that he might have already peaked.  During the first few days of polling Newt was leading Romney by as much as 13 points largely due to Cain supporters switching their support from Cain to Gingrich.  However, by the end of the poll Newt’s lead over Romney was down to as little as 5 percent.  In other words, support for Newt may already be on the decline as we have seen with other front runners.  The key for Romney is how much support Newt will lose by January 3 when the caucuses are held. 

Read the poll results here:

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