Tuesday, December 20, 2011

House to take FAKE vote on Senate Payroll Tax cut bill

House Republicans plan to vote to "disagree" with the Senate about the payroll tax cut and call for a House/Senate conference. The vote is on a motion to "Disagree." So if you are in favor of the Senate bill you would vote "NO"--you did not disagree. If you oppose the Senate bill you would vote "YES" you do disagree. But, it doesn't matter which way the vote turns out. Even if 100% of the House voted NO to NOT-disagree, the Senate bill would still NOT become law since the House would NOT have voted on the Senate Bill. This is a FAKE vote that Boehner has brought up to put pressure on the Democrats and give Republicans cover so they can say they never voted NOT to extend the tax cut.  Also, some speculate that Boehner was worried that a dozen or so House Republicans might cross the isle and vote with the Democrats to accept the Senate bill and send it to Obama. It's Washington game playing.  It also puts the income of working Americans at risk and might result in the economy dropping back into a recession. 

And, the idea of calling for a “conference” to work out differences between the House and Senate over funding extending the tax cut a full year is just nonsense.  The Senate bill extends the tax cut for two months precisely to ALLOW the House and Senate time to work out their differences.  The whole thing is stupid, but then we ARE talking about the Republican House.

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