Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to talk RepublicanSpeak

At a recent Republican Governors Association meeting, Republican strategists Frank Luntz offered some advice concerning the words Republicans should and should not use in the upcoming campaign, particularly when talking to Occupy Wall Street sympathizers.  Yahoo News was there and took notes on what we are likely to hear as the new Republicanspeak.

Luntz advised Republicans to:
  • Say “economic freedom” or “free market” NOT “capitalism” since the public now thinks capitalism is immoral. 
  • Say “the government TAKES FROM the rich” NOT “the government TAXES the rich.  Americans respond favorably to TAXING the rich, says Luntz,  but negatively to TAKING money from hardworking Americans. 
  • Don’t talk about “defending the middle class,” says Luntz, talk about “defending hardworking taxpayers.”  Americans don’t believe Republicans care about the middle class.
  • Don’t talk about helping Americans get “jobs.”  Talking about helping them get “careers.”  Everybody wants a “career,” not just a job.
  • Don’t talk about “compromise,” says Luntz.  “Compromise” suggests you are willing to sell out.  Use the word “cooperation.”  “Cooperation” suggests you want to get the job done but that you are sticking to your principles.
  • Don’t talk about “entrepreneurs” or “innovators.”  Instead, says Luntz, use the terms “small business owners” or “job creators.”
  • Don’t talk about Americans needing to “sacrifice.”  Americans think they have sacrificed enough.  Instead say, “We are all in this together” or “We either succeed together or fail together.”
  • Don’t talk about people, like CEOs and workers on Wall Street, getting a “bonus.”  The idea of someone getting a BONUS in times of financial hardship makes people angry.  Instead, talk about executives and others getting “pay for performance.”  That sounds a lot better.

 So, there you have it.  Now you know how to talk Republicanspeak.

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