Thursday, December 8, 2011

Repub/Demo Enthusiasm gap closes

Gallup says the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats has closed since September.  Two months ago 58% of Republicans said they were more enthusiastic than normal about voting for president in 2012 compared to about 44% of Democrats who said the same.  Since September the % of enthusiastic Republicans has dropped 9 points while the % of Democrats saying they were enthusiastic has barely changed.  The % of Republicans LESS ENTHUSIASTIC has grown to 44%, close to the 47% of Democrats who say they are LESS ENTHUSIASTIC.

Could it be that Republicans think their choices for a candidate just aren't that good?  They don't want Romney.  But, do they really want Gingrich?  My bet.  If the Republicans nominate Gingrich, Democrats are going to get a lot more interested in and committed to re-electing Obama than they are now.   Talk about generating enthusiasm among Democrats.  Just tell them if Obama is defeated they will have to live with a President Gingrich for 4 years.  

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