Saturday, January 21, 2012

Forecast: Newt almost certain winner in S.C. race

Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight says there is now an 82% probability that Newt Gingrich will come in first in South Carolina with a projected 37.8% of the vote.  Romney is expected to come in second with 30.2%, Paul third at 15.2% and Santorum fourth with 14.0%.

Silver projects Romney will win Florida with 46.1% of the vote.

Read Silver’s forecast and methodology here:

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Anonymous said...

Well. Now we know. Conservative Christians would rather vote for a man who murders his sacred vows than a man who murders their communities.Pandering Politicians Peddling Puffery and Prejudice with Perfidious Piety for Personal Power and Profit trump Vulture capitalists.