Monday, January 9, 2012

Romney leading in NH, SC and FL

Romney may be poised to win ALL of the January contests:

Romney is expected to win the New Hampshire primary tomorrow.  Also, it looks like he has a strong lead in both South Carolina and Florida.  Here are the results from some of the latest polls:

New Hampshire (January 10th):
Suffok University Poll: Romney 35%, Paul 20%, Huntsman 11%
WMUR/University of New Hamplshire: Romney 41%, Paul 17%, Huntsman 11%

South Carolina (January 21st):
CNN/OCR Poll: Romney 37%, Santorum 19%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 12%

Florida (January 31st):
Quinnipiac University Poll: Romney 36%, Gingrich 24%, Santorum 16%, Paul 10%.

Read more and get links to the poll results here: 

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