Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney’s plan for America

Romney says Obama’s policies are totally wrong for the country and has laid out his plan for getting the country back on track and solving our most pressing problems.

Here are some of Romney’s more specific ideas concerning what he would do:

Medicare—Romney would convert it to a voucher system which would work some way, some how and seniors will have to pay something more out of pocket than they do now at sometime and in some amount.

Social Security—Romney would increase the retirement age for some future generations by some amount at some point in time.

Taxes—Romney would cut the income tax rate for everyone and pay for the cuts somehow by finding savings somewhere at sometime, somehow.

Afghanistan—Romney would bring the troops home in some way and on some schedule when conditions make that possible if it turns out to be the right thing to do at sometime.

Iran—Romney would take some kind of military action to keep Iran from getting a nuclear capability in some way under some conditions if it seems like the right thing to do at some time.

Romney can’t be any clearer than that for the time being but he might provide some more details in some way at some time after he takes office if there is some reason for doing so and it seems the right thing to do without revealing too much, too soon.

Thanks to Steve Peoples for his analysis of the “Romney Plan for America” that you can read here:

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