Wednesday, August 1, 2012

UPDATE: Why Romney won’t release his tax returns.

Harry Reid said in a recent Huffington Post interview that he knows why Romney want release his taxes. A Bain investor told Reid that Romney didn't pay ANY taxes for 10 years.  Of course that would be easy for Romney to refute--just release his tax returns. Romney says he can't recall if there were years when he paid less than 13.9% in taxes but he would "go back and look." His campaign says that he WILL NOT be looking.

Is it possible this has tax return controversy has more  to do with a character trait/flaw than the issue of the returns?  Is it possible that Romney can't admit that he made a wrong decision--like deciding not to release his returns? That would be a more serious issue than not releasing returns. We can't afford a president who can't admit and learn from a mistake.


Anonymous said...

Romney has a lot to explain solely in regards to the tax returns he has released. For example, I have a hard time understanding why his wife's horse is a business expense. I have a pet dog, but I cannot deduct for dog food or vet visits. If this is an example of the stuff his returns are made of I think he needs to start explaining.

Anonymous said...

I'm confident that Romney obeyed the tax laws. So I have to ask, what is he so afraid of.

I think he is afraid of the bullies in the right wing of his party. I think his tax returns will show that at some point in his life, perhaps when he claimed to be Pro-Choice, he may have donated generously to Planned Parenthood, or NARAL, of maybe an environmental group.

I don't think Romney is afraid of any legal issues with his taxes. I think he knows that if the truth came out about his tax deductible donations that his party will drop him like a hot potato.