Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vital information for ALL young people

Please share this information with every young person you know.

A new report from the Georgetown Public Policy Institute provides dramatic proof of the importance of a college education in today’s economy.  If you know a young person in high school or college who may be considering dropping out of school and not getting a college degree much less a high school degree, please make sure they see , understand and heed the lessons this chart from the Georgetown report.  There future depends upon them understanding that they must obtain as much education as they can if they hope to have a secure economic future.   If the chart doesn’t display, go to and download the full report.  The chart is on page 5.

Notice the green line on the chart representing the job gains/losses of people with a Bachelor’s degree or better during the recession.  They actually gained jobs doing the recession.  Next, look at the blue line showing what happened to those with just a high school degree or less.  These people were the most likely to lose their jobs and most of them are still unemployed.  That’s the truth about getting and keeping a job today.  Every young person must be made to understand this vital fact.  Stay in school.  Stay in school.  Stay in school just as long as you can. 

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