Saturday, November 3, 2012

UPDATE: Electoral Vote Count as of today.

The Attack Democrat is now tracking 16 election forecasts.  Eleven of the 16 project that Obama will win more than the 270 electoral votes he needs to be re-elected getting 271 to as many as 332 electoral votes.  Three forecasters who do not allocate toss-up states project that Obama will win even if he fails to carry FL, VA, CO, and NH.   Two of the remaining forecasters show Obama winning if he picks up either OH or FL.   

The Attack Democrat now projects that Obama will win with about 301 electoral votes to about 237 for Romney.  If the polls are accurate, it appears very unlikely that Romney can win unless he can carry at least two of the three states of FL, VA, and OH.  FL and OH are particularly critical to any chance Romney has.  Right now Obama is leading by around 3 points in OH.  Obama and Romney are essentially tied in FL and VA.

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