Friday, February 22, 2013

Evidence: Republicans really do hate the poor

There is new evidence out that Republicans REALLY DO hate the poor. 
Pew Research recently asked Americans what programs they would cut to reduce the deficit.  As might be expected, when asked about specific cuts most Americans really don’t want to cut spending at all.  In fact, when asked about 19 specific areas to cut, a majority of Americans wanted to either maintain or INCREASE spending in 18 of the areas.  The only area where a near majority (49%) said DECREASE spending was on Aid to the World’s Needy.

The most interesting thing about the Pew survey is the difference between the two parties.  A majority of Democrats were AGAINST cutting spending in any of the 19 areas.  Republicans had a similar reluctance to cut spending in most areas, but not all.  Majorities or near majorities of Republicans said cut spending in three areas: 

Aid to the World’s Needy  70% of Republicans said DECREASE spending on things like food and medicine for poor people in other countries ,

Unemployment Insurance  56% of Republicans said DECREASE spending to help their fellow Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and

Aid to the Needy in the U.S.  49% of Republicans said DECREASE spending to feed, clothe and house the poor, including poor American children.

Cutting spending on Health care came in fourth.  44% of Republicans said we should cut spending on health care, meaning of course to cut spending on providing access to health care for those who can’t afford it through programs like Medicaid.

Republicans like to talk a lot about being the “values party.”  It is clear from this survey that what Republicans DON’T value is helping people in need, including their fellow Americans.
Americans helping Americans is a tradition that has helped to make our country great.  Looks like it is a tradition Republicans want to discard.  It is little wonder that increasing numbers of Americans are looking at the Republican Party and not liking what they see.  What American would want to be associated with people who hate the poor?   
See the Pew survey results here:

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