Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How the sequester will affect you

Progressive States Network has posted links to White House and other state-by-state estimates of the impact of the sequester that starts on Friday.  The Washington Post has also posted information on how the sequester will impact teachers and schools, work-study jobs, military readiness, law enforcement, public health and other policy areas.  The impacts are broken down by state.

Check out the links below to see how the sequester will impact your state. 
As you do, keep in mind who is responsible.  It is not Obama and it is not the Democratic Party.  These cuts are occurring almost totally because a small number of Tea Party nuts in the House are gleefully trying to do as much damage to our country they can.  These nuts are not concerned about how the indiscriminate cuts that kick in Friday will affect millions of Americans.  However, they do have the financial backing of a few ultra-conservative billionaires and Fox News.  That’s enough to scare more reasonable members of the Republican Party, including Speaker John Boehner from behaving responsibly.  Understand that if Boehner had more guts and/or the Tea Party nuts had not been elected in gerrymandered safe districts, then Congress would have already passed deficit reduction legislation that would include a combination of revenue enhancement and targeted spending cuts.  It would be deficit reduction without the horrible pain many Americans will suffer.  The sequester is mean.  It is heartless.  It is wrong.  And, Republicans are responsible. 
Show the information from the sites below to your Republican friends.  Ask them how they can be a member of a party that would willing do this kind of harm to our country.  At long last, have they no shame.
Please visit the following sites to learn more:

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