Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What has REALLY happened to the deficit?

As you have heard from Republicans, the sequester is in place because we have a horrible deficit problem that MUST be addressed immediately or the nation will spiral into the pit of economic hell.  They say the deficit has exploded under Obama and is getting worse and worse every day due exclusively to his uncontrolled spending.
What you probably don’t know is that NONE of THAT IS TRUE.

The deficit ISN’T GROWING, it is SHRINKING.  In fact, Obama has nearly cut it in HALF.
That’s right.  The deficit problem is slowly disappearing as the economy improves.  If Congress doesn't do something totally stupid--like allowing the sequester to happened with huge across the board spending cuts--the economy will continue to improve and the deficit problem should slowly disappear. 

There is no need to panic unless you are a Republican.  What happens if the economy improves and the deficit disappears?  The Republicans lose and the country gains.

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