Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Start the fight

This afternoon the Senate refused to do anything about gun violence in our country.  They wouldn't even pass legislation designed to keep guns out of the hands of the criminally insane even though most Americans supported such legislation.

The current members of the Senate have refused to do the right and decent thing.  That doesn't mean we can't do what is right--change the members of the Senate.

Let's start the fight for fair and reasonable gun laws that will make all of us safer. 

You can help right now by doing two things.

1. Contact your Senators to tell them you are really mad at them for not passing reasonable gun control legislation like expanded background checks and that you will remember their cowardliness the next time you go to vote.  Find how to contact your Senators here:

2. Make a contribution to Gabby Giffords PAC Americans for Responsible Solutions at  Giffords is leading a campaign to elect members of Congress who WILL vote for responsible gun legislation. 

Do it for your family.  Do it for your country.  Do it NOW.

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