Monday, May 13, 2013

Obama will be impeached next year

Prediction:  Some time next year, in advance of the 2014 elections, Barack Obama will become the third President of the United States to be impeached. (Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.)  The charge will be that Obama committed a “high crime or misdemeanor”  most likely associated with the administration’s explanation of the Benghazi attack or the IRS investigation of Tea Party groups or some other thing—any thing Republicans can think of or create out of thin air. 
We now have a pattern.  First, Republicans try to win the White House with dirty tricks such as using their control of state houses to pass laws making it as difficult as possible for groups thought to support Democrats, such as minorities, to vote.  When that doesn’t work, Republicans fall back on their use of the filibuster in the Senate to try to make it impossible for the Democratic President to get any of his legislative agenda—which Americans overwhelming favor—passed.  When that doesn’t work and the Democratic President actually gets some major pieces of his agenda passed, the Republicans turn to the courts.  When the courts end up declaring that the Democratic President's legislation—like Obamacare—is Constitutional, the Republicans have a temper tantrum befitting their mental age and begin calling for impeachment because…well, because the President has done something really, really bad, like defeating Republicans.

First we hear calls for impeachment.  Then, the process begins in the House which the Republicans control because Republican state legislatures have gerrymandered the districts to make sure Republicans win.  Republican members of the House strut upon the media stage declaring that the Democratic President is the very source of all evil.  Then after weeks and weeks, they vote and the President is impeached by a bare majority with all Republicans voting for impeachment and all Democrats voting against.
We are then treated to weeks of hearings by the Senate which must try impeachment after which the Democratic President is acquitted and remains in office.  Democrats win the mid-term elections and afterward the Democratic President enjoys his highest popularity ever.

It happened with Clinton.  Here we go again.

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