Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seniors turn against Republican Party in new poll

There is a new survey out showing significant erosion of support for the Republican Party among 65 and older voters.  The Republicans have already lost women, young people, Latinos, Blacks and the educated.  Now they are losing their most reliable supporters—seniors.  The poll is from a Democratic pollster but the change in Seniors’ support for Republicans is dramatic compared to previous results from this pollster.
Here are some of the results.  See the complete results here:  http://www.nationalmemo.com/carville-greenberg/why-seniors-are-turning-against-the-gop/

Only 28% of voters 65 and older have a positive view of the Republican Party today down from 43% in 2011. That is the biggest loss among any group. Women, Latinos, Blacks and the Young have all turned against the Republicans. Now they are losing the 65 and older vote. YEA.
55% of 65 and older voters say Republicans are too extreme.

Seniors are turning Democratic on the issues:
  • 89 percent of seniors want to protect Medicare benefits and premiums.
  • 87 percent of seniors want to raise pay for working women.
  • 79 percent of seniors think we need to expand scholarships for working adults.
  • 77 percent of seniors want to expand access to high-quality and affordable childcare for working parents.
  • 66 percent of seniors want to expand state health exchanges under Obamacare
  • 74 percent of seniors want to cut subsidies to big oil companies, agribusinesses, and multinational corporations in order to invest in education, infrastructure, and technology.
Even though Seniors agree with Democrats on the issues, it looks like they will still vote Republican but in smaller numbers. In 2010, Party Identification among Seniors was 39% Republican to 29% Democratic. Now it is 39% Democratic to 33% Republican. In 2010 Republican had a 21 point advantage among Senior voters (59% to 38% Democratic). Today the Republican lead is just 5 points (4k6% to 41%).
The more the Republican Party becomes the party of Ted Cruz and other Tea Party nut cases the more they alienate Americans of every demographic group.  That is good news for Democrats.

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