Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tea Party on Rapid Decline

Just at the time when Tea Party radicals in Congress and tearing the Republican Party apart, comes news that Americans, including many Republicans are turning against the TP wackos in droves.

Gallup has released the results of a new poll that shows significant loss of support for the Tea Party even among Republicans.  In 2010, right after the elections, 32% of Americans said they were Tea Party supporters.  Today only 22% say that.  Republican support for the Tea Party has plummeted from 65% in 2010 to just 38% today.  Additionally, today Tea Party supporters aren’t so happy with the Republican Party.  43% of Tea Party supporters say they have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party.  Are we beginning to see an end of the evil alliance between Tea Party nuts and main stream Republicans?  Hope so.  Of course the Tea Party supporters don’t really have any place to go.  Nearly half don’t like Republicans but fully three quarters can’t stand Democrats.  Check out the complete results of the Gallup poll here:

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