Monday, October 14, 2013

I don't understand Republicans.

I don’t understand Republicans.  Can anyone explain to me these contradictions and illogic?
Republicans are obsessed with reducing the deficit even at a time when the deficit is coming down but they are unwilling to raise taxes, reduce tax subsidies and/or close tax loopholes that would increase revenues and help us bring down the deficit even faster.

They shutdown the government but then complain about the government being shutdown.
They claim that politicians are exploiting veterans for political advantage while they themselves are the ones doing the exploiting.

They proclaim that “those who will not work, will not eat” but are perfectly fine with people who could afford to purchase health insurance getting free government-paid healthcare when they get seriously ill.
They are angry that the national parks are shutdown but are fine with allowing unlimited logging, mining and other abuses that would destroy the very things that make the national parks special.

They oppose abortion but fight free and easily available contraception and sex education that could greatly reduce the instances of abortion.
They rail against voter fraud that doesn’t exist but support district gerrymandering to rig elections in the favor of one party over another.

They oppose illegal immigration and work visa programs that would allow more guest workers but hire illegal immigrants to work in their fields and businesses and do their yard work thereby offering illegal immigrants the jobs that encourage them to enter the country illegally.
They say they believe in the Constitution but use legislative maneuvers and extra-constitutional legislative tricks to sabotage laws passed through majority rule following procedures outlined in the Constitution.

They oppose food stamps but will not support infrastructure and other stimulus spending that would create the jobs that would put people to work and make food stamps and other government assistance less necessary.
They rail against lousy public schools (which in fact really aren’t that lousy compared to private and charter schools) but support handing out vouchers for religious and private schools that take money from public schools making it even more difficult to improve free public education.

They want to defund a healthcare law that is 90% composed of healthcare reform they once advocated such as the individual mandate and health insurance exchanges simply because the law was introduced and passed by Democrats and a President they hate.
They oppose expanding Medicaid at little cost to their state even though the failure to expand Medicaid will leave many more people in their state uninsured and drive up healthcare cost to their state and risk bankrupting hospitals.

They declare that a President who was elected to office twice by 51% or more of the popular vote is illegitimate but have no problem with a President (George W. Bush) being elected because a partisan Supreme Court cut off a vote count and awarded the office to a candidate who won less than 48% of the popular vote.
They, at least many, swear support for a Presidential candidate who admits he was born in Canada (Ted Cruz), while declaring a President born in Hawaii (Obama) to be “foreign born” and, thereby, unqualified for office.

They threaten to impeach the President if the nation defaults on its debt, a default they would cause by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, thereby denying the President legal authority to pay the country’s bills.
When a Republican walks into the room, logic gets tossed out the window.  Why is that?


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