Friday, October 25, 2013

Republicans defend administration on healthcare online site glitches

A number of Republicans have come to the defense of the administration on glitches in the online rollout of healthcare insurance changes.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) said "This is a huge undertaking and there are going to be glitches.  My goal is the same as yours: Get rid of the glitches.  Rather than trying to scare and confuse [people who are affected by the law], I would hope that we can work together as we go through the implementation phase to find out what is wrong with the program and if we can make some changes to fix it, let us do it and let us do it on a bipartisan basis.  We owe that to all of the millions of …beneficiaries."
The current Governor of Georgia, Republican Nathan Deal, cautioned critics that "most significant programs" have problems early on, and that's no reason to give up on them.  "Like most significant programs, the new [program] has not gone without a few isolated glitches and unexpected problems.  But I believe that if there is anything wrong with the plan, most of it has been fixed and that that hasn't can be fixed over time."

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) said "Any time something is new, there is going to be some glitches.  No matter what one does in life, when it is something new in learning the ropes of it, it is going to take a little adjustment."
Of course these Republicans made these remarks in 2006 and were referring to the troubled roll-out of the Bush/Republican Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan.  Of course, that's different. Not.

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