Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Little Something to Take Your Mind Off Politics

In the book, Three Men in a Boat (published in 1889), humorist Jerome K. Jerome tells the story of a trip he took up the river Thames with his friends George and Harris and a fox terrier named Montmorency.  

All dog lovers will love (and recognize) Montmorency.  

Here is Jerome’s description of life with a dog as he and his friends tried to pack for their river trip.  Enjoy.

Montmorency’s ambition in life, is to get in the way and be sworn at. If he can squirm in anywhere where he particularly is not wanted, and be a perfect nuisance, and make people mad, and have things thrown at his head, then he feels his day has not been wasted. To get somebody to stumble over him, and curse him steadily for an hour, is his highest aim and object; and, when he has succeeded in accomplishing this, his conceit becomes quite unbearable. 

He came and sat down on things, just when they were wanted to be packed; and he laboured under the fixed belief that, whenever Harris or George reached out their hand for anything, it was his cold, damp nose that they wanted. 

He put his leg into the jam, and he worried the teaspoons, and he pretended that the lemons were rats, and got into the hamper and killed three of them before Harris could land him with the frying-pan. Harris said I encouraged him. I didn’t encourage him. A dog like that don’t want any encouragement. It’s the natural, original sin that is born in him that makes him do things like that.

Jerome, Jerome K. (2014-03-28). Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog): illustrated, with a detailed map and notes (Kindle Locations 550-558).  . Kindle Edition.

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