Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Letter to my Republican Friends

Do you want your party back?

Are you ashamed that a man like Donald Trump is the nominee of your party?

Do you find yourself for the first time in years, maybe the first time in your adult life, saying “I can’t walk into the voting booth and vote for the Republican nominee?”

Are you tempted to just stay home, not vote, sit out this election?

If you want your party back—the party of Ronald Reagan and the Bushes and John McCain—then not voting is NOT the answer.

If Donald Trump wins this election, the Republican Party you have known and worked for will be lost forever.  You will never get it back

Even if Donald Trump loses, you will not get your party back unless…unless he loses by such a wide margin that his brand of hate-filled Conservatism is discredited forever.

You may not like Hillary Clinton.  You may even hate everything she stands for.  But she provides the only path to returning your party to sanity.

The only way to get your party back is to vote for Hillary.

In 2020, when Trump has been sent back to the fantasy world of “reality” TV, you can nominate a true Republican to challenge Hillary Clinton, not on the basis of childish insults but on the basis of true Conservative ideas and values.

Let’s have that debate in 2020.  I look forward to it.

This year vote for Hillary, work to elect Hillary and defeat Trump and his gang who have taken over your Grand Old Party.

Take your party back. Vote for Hillary this November.

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Hope said...

LOVE it! I'm a yellow dog, but I know and love many republicans. I am honestly baffled by the ones who are going to vote the party even though they acknowledge that Trump is a terrible candidate and terrible for their party and terrible for the country. It's mind-boggling.