Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Policy is important. Temperament is paramount

It should come as no secret to anyone who reads this blog that I think Democrats have the best ideas about both domestic and foreign policy.  When the country fell into a deep recession, near depression in 2008, Democrats had a plan.  They said save the banks, save the auto industry and stimulate the economy and then figure out what we need to do to build fire walls to make sure we don’t get in the same mess again.  Republicans said cut taxes on the rich, cut social support, and let the poor starve.  Republicans responded to terrorist by starting a war against a dictator who may not have been sponsoring terrorism.  Democrats said let’s work with our allies to fight terrorists since they threaten all of us.  Most importantly, let’s never make this a holy war. 

Nothing has changed when it comes to Democrat vs Republican policy differences in 2016.
This election goes far beyond policy.  It is about the temperament of the candidates and basic fitness for the office of President. 

You may not like Hillary Clinton but she will never embarrass you or the country with thoughtless and insensitive comments.  Trump will.  He can’t help himself.

Hillary Clinton will make careful, and yes calculated, decisions.  She won’t lead the country into an accidental disaster that could have been prevented if she had just thought it through.  Don Trump will jerk his knee at the slightest tap.  Donald Trump will embarrass our country.  He could very well leads us into a totally unnecessary and horrible war.

Question to Republicans: If you aren’t proud to have Donald Trump as your nominee, why would you be proud to have him as your President?  Why would you want him as our President?

And Yes, I am proud to have Hillary Clinton as the nominee of the Democratic Party and will be even more proud of our country for making her our President

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