Monday, May 15, 2017

Secret Health Care Reform—Senate Style.

Susan Davis at NPR reports that the U.S. Senate is drafting healthcare legislation in SECRET.

Secret talks are underway toward developing a Senate bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.
The negotiating team consists of Senators hand picked by the Republican Senate leadership.  The negotiating team is MALE ONLY.  No women are being allowed to serve on the team.
The committee drafting the legislation meets behind closed doors and will hold NO PUBLIC HEARINGS.
Although Davis does not say so in her article, we can assume that:

The Senate bill will not be scored by the CBO.
It will be passed with a voice vote with NO amendments allowed.
It will be passed by a bare majority of 51 Republican ONLY votes under Budget Reconciliation Rules.
The bill will cover areas NOT impacting the budget, even though such items ARE NOT supposed to be allowed in Budget Reconciliation.  The Senate Parliamentarian will be overruled when she objects.
The bill will NOT be released to the public or non-partisan groups prior to the vote.
Most Senators voting on the bill will VOTE WITHOUT READING THE BILL since the bill will NOT be released to Senators in time.
The White House and the Senate leadership will LIE about the contents of the bill, its cost and its impact on American healthcare once it is passed.

The Senate bill will be sent to the House where the House leadership will push it through without allowing any amendments nor allowing members of the House time to read the bill.

Trump will sign the bill into law without ever even being briefed on its content.

Americans who had access to health care WILL DIE.

That’s the Republican form of government.

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