Wednesday, October 24, 2018

GA Voting Machines make “mistakes” in Recording Votes

During early voting in Georgia, some voting machines have “mistakenly” recorded votes cast for Democratic Party candidate Tracy Abrams as votes for Republican Party candidate and Secretary of State Brian Kemp who also is in charge of voting.  We are confident that the voting machines that made these errors will apologize for these all too human errors.  Many of these machines are apparently old and, as we all know, as we age we are prone to more errors—“Oh, you said Abrams, I thought you said Kemp.”  This problem with mis-recorded votes seems to occur only when the Democratic candidate is selected.  Voters wishing to cast their ballot for the Republican candidate, Kemp, have not experienced this problem and can rest easy that their vote will be recorded as at least one vote for the Republican candidates, if not more.

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Georgia NAACP files complaints alleging voting machines incorrectly registered votes

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