Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Could Trump Try to Use Presidential Emergency Power to Prevent Democrats from Taking Control of the House?

The President of the United States has extraordinary Emergency Powers.   FDR used those powers to put Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII.  Truman used those powers to seize private steel mills in 1952.  The Emergency Powers of the President are broad and vague.  

Trump has said that he considers House investigations some Democrats have proposed as “a waste of Taxpayer Money” and that he would retaliate.  Just today, he fired Jeff Sessions and installed a lackey to end or restrict the Mueller Russia probe.  

It is no secret that Trump views the powers of the President as nearly unlimited.  For example, he has maintained the he can end Birthright Citizenship by executive order even though Birthright Citizenship is established by the 14th Amendment off the U.S. Constitution as affirmed by Supreme Court rulings. 

Might Trump attempt to use the Presidential Emergency Powers to stop or postpone Democrats from taking control of the House in January in order to prevent them from launching investigations that would be a “waste of Taxpayer money?” Might Trump argue that investigations by House Democrats would endanger the full and effective operation of the Executive branch at a time when the U.S. in under attack from convoys of criminals threatening to cross our southern border?  What would Trump’s good friend Putin advise?

Executive Powers of President:

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