Wednesday, November 14, 2018


If you watch or listen to Fox  Fox News and Fox News Personalities, most of what you learn about any topic is Mostly or Completely or Outrageously False according to Punditfact.  

Almost 60% off statements made on Fox and Fox guests are either Mostly False, False or so out of the realm of reality to get a “Pants on Fire” rating.   If you add in statements that are misleading or only half true,  Fox viewers are lied to or misled nearly 80% of the time.

Fox News is almost as bad at spreading misinformation as Trump.  According to Fact Checker, Trump averaged 5 lies or misleading claims per day during the first nine months of his presidency.  In the run up to the mid-term election, he increased his lies to a breathtaking 30 a day on average.  He topped a thousand lies in October alone. 

And you wonder how Trumpians can believe such weird stuff.  

Check out a list of the lies here:

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